We offer a flexible system that can adapt to any event.

The 6-directional joint system enables a wide range of expression.

From large-scale events to any variety of temporary stages, Maruyo DesignTec and the capabilities of the HAKI 6-direction joint system can build to express any design.

If you have not been satisfied with event construction in achieving the design you have in mind please consult us for your next event.

This system can be configured freely in six directions, vertical, lateral, and longitudinal allowing freedom in design configuration.

This enables the realization of temporary structures for events and exhibitions that require a high degree of expression. In addition, the maximum weight of one of the base parts does not exceed 22kg, enabling construction by two people. This shortens assembly time allowing for construction within limited time frames.

The exceptional strength of this system can withstand heavy loads and expand the possibilities of expression to the audience.  Overcoming the frustrations from limitations on how video monitors and sound systems can be supported, it enables the ideal configuration.

For example, large video monitors are often installed facing the audience to show video of the race. Every angle is covered bringing the excitement and details of the race to the audience. In order to accomplish this, there is a need to set large monitors of considerable weight positioned high so that they can be seen by an audience sitting at a distance. Since the installation site is outdoors the ground is of course uneven. Exact engineering and the precisely manufactured HAKI enable set up in these conditions supporting the weight while maintaining a level structure.

This system can be erected in any environment such as oceans, mountains, rivers, valleys, and other terrains.

By combining a variation of sizes it is possible to achieve any height desired. Therefore, it is possible to express the form as intended. Normal preexisting equipment did not allow for this degree of freedom in achieving heights. The high-strength HAKI equipment that we carry makes it possible to erect structures on uneven ground outdoors without the use of materials such as lumber for leveling. Thus we can overcome terrain issues without waste of time, labor, and manpower.

Building Stages on Slopes Without Use of Lumber

A good example of this type of build are stages we have built in or around ponds where the ground is uneven.

This system is not limited to events. Because it is possible to erect a durable temporary facility in a short period of time, even in rough terrain, it is also well suited for applications such as temporary factories, warehouses, agricultural markets, seafood markets, and racks on docks.

We also carry a line of aluminum truss that has a stylish appearance.

We also carry a stock of lightweight aluminum truss making a new stylish form of design expression possible.