Safety is our top priority in construction and structural integrity

HAKI has DIN ( German Industrial Standard ) approval.  Its quality has been verified by Europe.  Maruyo DesignTec places safety first and foremost in structural design and execution.

DIN, much like JIS in Japan, is applicable only to industrial products that have cleared the several stringent checks of this standard. The strength and safety of HAKI has been verified in Europe.

Maruyo DesignTec holds safety as its utmost priority of the build and structure.

We are active in further promoting safety measures in venues (concert, theater, stage, television, events, etc.) through investigation, research, and holding training sessions. With the aim of furthering build safety, since our establishment we have been a member of the JASST (NPO Japan Association of Stage Safety Technology) whose goal is to ensure safety at performance venues we are also member to other safety-oriented organizations.

In addition, through many years of experience performing structure calculation validations we have accumulated much know-how in this field.

With regard to HAKI, we have undergone strength testing at the Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan. Not only did it meet certification standards, it was shown that for the installation method, location, and procedure, there was an ample level of safety.

Despite being a temporary structure, its strength far exceeded that of the live load of normal office building.

  • June 21 to 26, 2006
  • Implementation Laboratory: Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association
  • of Japan Tokyo Research Institute
  • Tokorozawa, Saitama Higashi Tokorozawa 4-8-3