Greeting from the president

The history of our company is still young having just celebrated its 20th anniversary in September 2011. Although our work history is short, I would like to express our gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the ongoing support of our customers as well as the support from all of our subcontractor companies.
Currently as our country is poised to break away from its spiral of negative growth with its political economic strategy, our company also needs to follow this trend and aim for further growth of our business. As part of achieving this goal, at the general shareholders' meeting in November of 2012, I was appointed Chairman of the Board and Akio Toyama was appointed president.
With our new president at its core, the next generation is commited to carrying forth the business.
Although we still have a long ways to go, from here on into the future we will continue to give our all to being a behind the scenes specialist as a event construction company. To everyone involved, we respectfully ask for your ongoing guidance and encouragement.

  • Chairman Kenichi Yoshida

Message from the president

Thanks to your support, twenty years have passed since the establishment of Maruyo DesignTec in 1991.
We would first like to express our sincere heartfelt gratitude to everyone who by giving us their support made it possible for us to grow as we have.
The current trend has shown a shift of values from a focus on material items towards that which comes from the heart.
The needs of clients having been fulfilled, they have been empowered and given momentum, hence the fundamentals and culture of providing enchantment has changed.
Through concert and event projects, our company has until now held the goal of bringing awe to customers by creating locations and environments that promote communication between people.
There is a beautiful word in the Japanese language, “Omonbakuru,” that means to have compassion and caring.
Through the human ability of having the feeling of “Omonbakuru,” from here on more than ever our company will continue to realize dreams, provide excitement to people, and create locations for heart to heart communication.
I was appointed by our chairman to the position of president in 2012 and was given the task of promoting our company’s business. Since then some years have passed and we still have a ways to go but I will continue to give it my all. We ask for your ongoing support and encouragement into the future.

  • President Akio Toyama

Staff of HAKI Maruyo DesignTec