HAKI supports a system that allows a wide variety of expression.

Strong and easy to use, we provide a system that shortens construction time.

Since 1991 our company has been able to make great changes in the field of concert and company events through the application of our knowhow and the modulated system of the Nordic born, “HAKI.”

By simply combining four components such as pillars and beams made of 48.3mm thick steel, this system can be configured freely in six directions, vertical, lateral, and longitudinal. By just inserting one part into another, twisting, and securing with a hook, it also has the merit of assembly without the use of tools.
This concept is similar to the easy to assemble system furniture and Legos also of Nordic origin. A limited workforce from long ago in Sweden led to this practical approach of making widely varied combinations from a limited number of parts.

HAKI scaffolding had been used at construction sites and shipyards across Europe for more than 40 years and that was our initial focus in Japan. However Japanese construction standard regulations, such as the requirement for scaffolding to be bolted together, did not allow for the usage of this modular system for construction. It was at this time that we focused on concert and entertainment applications.

With the HAKI system as our base, our engineers are thoroughly knowledgeable of concert equipment and are able to provide design guidance in meetings and engineering direction.

Maruyo DesignTec uses the strong temporary stage system of HAKI originating in Sweden.

“HAKI” originated in Sweden, and is well known for its excellence in the development of industrial products. With the accumulated knowhow of forty years of experience in the field, it has earned a reputation in Europe for being the most reliable manufacturer of this equipment.

Bridgework for temporary fishing scaffolding

Temporary tower 50m
in height

Combination of parts to create
a particular angle

HAKI is used by standard on large construction sites and for big events throughout Europe.

  • 1984 Finland Athletic World Championship
  • 1985 Denmark Stage set of Shakespeare
  • 1986 Alpine World Cup Sweden

For more information please refer to, Sweden’s HAKI website